NDI PTZ Camera’s Unparalleled Video Quality and Versatility Deliver Fully Immersive Experience for Virtual Audience   

LOS ANGELES, SEPTEMBER 27, 2023 – When the International House of Music (IHOMI), a staple of Downtown Los Angeles for over a century, was looking to revolutionize its live streaming experience, the renowned retailer found the solution it was looking for with the CV730-NDIW UHD 4K60 IP PTZ Camera with VS-PTZ-IP PTZ IP camera controller from Marshall Electronics.

For Project Manager Alex Naranjo and the crew at IHOMI, the decision to use cameras in their music store was born out of a desire to help their musician clients during the pandemic. “We decided to open up our store to live stream musical performances as a way to give back to the artists and loyal clients who have helped keep us in business,” says Naranjo. “These performances, which continue post-pandemic, are live streamed right from our retail floor or drum room. These live streamed concerts not only give these artists a platform to play, but also allows them to receive donations and support from viewers.”

As IHOMI’s live performance schedule began to increase, it became evident quickly that they needed a better camera solution than the consumer cameras they were using. “Once we started to get the ball rolling on these shows, we got tired of having to use comms and were looking for an easier solution with just one control,” adds Naranjo. “In speaking with our industry colleagues, we were introduced to Marshall’s CV730 camera and were very impressed. I really liked the camera’s NDI capabilities. I also loved its super easy setup. With the CV730, you use just one Cat 6 cable instead of having to run HDMI and power cables. In addition, with a large client base in live production especially in the house of worship market, we also saw the ability to add them to our inventory and sell them to our customers, which made a lot of sense.”

The CV730-NDI PTZ camera features a nine-million-pixel sensor with a long 30x optical zoom range and flexible simultaneous 12GSDI and HDMI outputs with NDI®|HX and USB3 capability. The crystal-clear UHD (4K) images up to 3840x2160p at 60fps offer a professional camera source to any production. NDI®|HX delivers low latency, high quality, frame-accurate video, and audio in real time to IP workflows. NDI®5.5 and NDI|Tools opens the ability to integrate more video devices and applications into your production workflow. Simply plug into PoE++ Ethernet port and that’s it; video, audio, control, tally and power – all over one Ethernet cable. CV730-NDI is the first UHD60 PTZ camera on the market with NDI®|HX.

Naranjo also finds the CV730’s picture quality to be a game changer. According to Naranjo, “the CV730’s exceptional video quality and versatility have enabled us to convey the essence of our live performances to online audiences. With its advanced pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, the camera captures performances with remarkable clarity and precision, ensuring that virtual attendees feel truly immersed in the music.”

International House of Music, Inc. is one of the oldest music stores in all of California. IHOMI has been designated as one of the Top 100 music instrument and product retailers in the world by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).


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