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This page contains advertising rates and the payment gateway for all Broadcast & Media Marketing products.

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In our journey to deliver readers and advertisers the best experience possible, we have invested in a new advertising management system that will allows for targeted advertising that is tailored to the reader & delivers for the advertiser.

We are now at a stage of development and optimisation of our websites to give the reader the best user experience and the advertiser the best results. 

We have now rolled out the advertising packages over all of our sites and we have separated them into categories that can found at the bottom of this page.

We can also still run site wide and category specific adverts, so there is a real choice for advertisers, in terms of both ad cost and scale.

An additional new product we are offering is targeted editorial adverts. We target phrases of your choice using keywords and phrases to automatically inject your advert into relevant blog posts.

We can also offer single branded edits, these adverts stay in place permanently within an editorial post of your choosing, there is no expiration date for these adverts.

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Site Groupings

Advertisement Sizing’s & Accepted File Types

We ask our advertisers to please keep to a set of standards to ensure that your advert is delivered across our network efficiently.

Advert Specification:

Banner size: 1280 x 220 pixels

Skyscraper size: 400 x 1200 pixels

MPU / Video size: 400 x 400 pixels

Mobile Banner Ads: 350 x 50 pixels

Accepted File Types: PNG, GIF or JPEG

We do have capability to post adverts of sizes outside of the guidelines, if the size difference is small then there should be no problems. If your ad is a custom size, please reach out to us directly.

We look forward to promoting your company to the Global Broadcast Industry.

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