Richard Landy of Broadley Studios talks about Virtual Production to Movie Makers News 

Movie Makers News (MMN): Richard, can you tell us about Broadley Studios and what sets it apart in the virtual production landscape?

Richard Landy (RL): At Broadley Studios, we’ve established the only independent green screen, multi-camera, virtual production studios in Central London. Our setup includes state-of-the-art tools like Brainstorm InfinitySet, Unreal Engine, Aston 3D graphics, Mo-Sys StarTracker Max for camera tracking, and MRMC for camera movement. These tools enable us to create incredibly realistic and dynamic virtual production content, ensuring high-quality, sustainable, and greener productions.

MMN: How would you define virtual production?

RL: Virtual production technology merges live-action footage with computer-generated imagery in real-time. It revolutionizes content creation for movies, TV shows, and events by allowing seamless integration of real and virtual worlds. Essentially, it lets content creators shoot live action within virtual environments, offering unparalleled flexibility and creative possibilities.

MMN: What advantages does virtual production bring to content creators?

RL: Virtual production provides limitless creative possibilities. It allows creators to shoot in any imaginable world or location, enhancing flexibility, adaptability, and contingency. This technology enables dynamic workflows, allowing us to shoot across various virtual locations in a single day and deliver final pixel rushes shortly after wrapping up. It’s a game-changer for filmmakers, producers, social media influencers, advertisers, and communications officers.

MMN: Can you explain the concept of multi-cam in video production and how it’s utilized at Broadley?

RL: Multi-cam involves using two or more cameras to capture different angles of a studio or live video feed, enhancing the engagement of the video. At Broadley, we process, key live, and record up to four tracked camera channels. This capability allows our clients to create stunning and engaging content by showcasing various perspectives and graphical information seamlessly.

MMN: Tell us more about the Mo-Sys StarTracker System. How does it work and what are its benefits?

RL: The Mo-Sys StarTracker is a camera tracking technology used in virtual production and augmented reality. It operates with retroreflective stickers on the studio ceiling, which a sensor on the camera captures to determine its position and orientation in real-time. The tracking data ensures virtual elements align perfectly with live-action footage, allowing seamless camera movements. The system is highly accurate, scalable, and easy to set up, making it ideal for various production environments.

MMN: How does Brainstorm’s InfinitySet contribute to virtual production?

RL: Brainstorm’s InfinitySet is designed for advanced tracked virtual sets and inexpensive trackless environments. It features virtually unlimited camera options and TrackFree™ technology, merging tracked and trackless environments seamlessly. It acts as a hub for various technologies and hardware, making it indispensable for virtual sets and augmented reality productions.

MMN: What role does Aston 3D play in your virtual production setup?

RL: Aston 3D is a real-time 3D graphics creation, playout, and motion graphics system used in broadcasting and live production. It offers a user-friendly design interface, real-time editing, and a library of pre-made assets. Its animation tools and interactive elements enable dynamic graphics that respond to live data, enhancing the visual appeal and engagement of our productions.

MMN: Unreal Engine is renowned in the gaming industry, but how is it utilized in virtual production?

RL: Unreal Engine is a powerful real-time 3D creation tool used across various industries, including film and television. It offers comprehensive tools for creating 3D models, textures, and animations, with real-time rendering and an extensive asset library. Its features like visual scripting, physics, AI, and VR/AR support make it ideal for creating immersive and interactive experiences. Additionally, its real-time collaboration and multi-user editing capabilities enhance our workflow efficiency.

MMN: In summary, how do these technologies transform content creation at Broadley?

RL: Technologies like Mo-Sys StarTracker, Brainstorm’s InfinitySet, Aston 3D, and Unreal Engine enable us to integrate live-action with virtual elements in real-time. They enhance visual effects, interactive experiences, and real-time collaboration, making high-quality content creation more accessible and engaging. At Broadley, we prioritize adaptability, speed, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring exceptional virtual production services without compromising on quality.